SMDGA Dairy Goats

Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association


Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association

The Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association is the longest running dairy goat club in Missouri. We are 43 years old, with one remaining charter member Ms. Barbara Stewart of shamrock Farms in Cassville, Mo.. We were the first in this area to put on a 4 ring doe show and June 2017, will be our 40th Anniversary of putting on quality shows for our American Dairy Goat friends! We were also the first to put on a 6 ring buck show in the fall to promote our handsome boys in rutt.  We hope that we can continue to learn, share, and promote dairy goats for the next 43 years! 

Club Officers 

President- Tina Autrey 417-847-6802

Vice President-Jamie Burks

Secretary-Donna Corkle 417-529-8103

Treasurer-Barbara Stewart  417-342-1156 0r 417-652-7400

Director-Deltan Washburn


Tina Autrey, Barbara Stewart, and Donna M. Corkle can be found on Facebook, all show information can be found on Donna's wall.