SMDGA Dairy Goats

Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association

Buck Show classes

Buck Show Classes

A - Alpine

   L - Lamancha

   N - Nubian

   D - Nigerian Dwarf

   O - Oberhasli                                             

   S - Saannen

   C - Sable

   T – Toggenburg                                         


We do have the Nubian, Oberhasli, and Sable  Specialties; so the specialty classes will apply.

The base date is October 14, 2017.

Junior Division


1.  under 6 months                              

2.  6-12 months   

*Junior Grand Champion                          

              *Reserve Junior Champion                  

Senior Division  (Must have registered prodigy)


3.  1 year & under 2 years                                                           

4.  2 years & under 3 years

5.  3 years & under 4 years  

6. 4 years & under 5 years       

7.  5 years & over

              * Senior Champion

              * Reserve Senior Champion

8.  Champion Challenge

9.  Sire & son (specialty only)

10. Best 3 Bucks  (specialty only


Tri County Fairgrounds   East Business HWY 60 Mountain Grove, Missouri

Health Papers Required and Appreciated

Buck Show Sponsorship

If anyone would like to sponsor a breed, it will be $25.00 and you will receive a 40th Anniversary SMDGA T-shirt.  We will also hang flyers of your name and herd around the arena, as well as sharing your generousity over the speaker throughout the 6 rings! We will also post it on Facebook and our website. And, as always, we appreciate your ongoing support to Strut the Rutt!