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Buck Show Rules

Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association - Buck Show


This show is sanctioned by the American Dairy Goat Association and their rules shall govern. Only American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society and Canadian Goat Society registered, recorded or applied-for animals may be shown in an official American Dairy Goat Association show.

The Show is located at the - Tri County Fairgrounds  East Hwy Business 60, Mountain Grove, Mo.         WOOD CHIPS ONLY FOR BEDDING IN PENS

Show Chairman is Donna Corkle 417-529-8103

[email protected]


On Saturday October 14, 2017

Ring 1   8:00 am   Gregory Murphy *Oberhasli Specialty  
Ring 2   8:20 am  Joseph Larson
Ring 3   8:40 am   Christine Grant 

On Sunday morning October 15, 2017
Ring 4     8:00 am Justin Bassett  * Nubian Specialty
Ring 5     8:20 am Jake Bradford  
Ring 6     8:40 am Timothy Flickenger * Sable Specialty

Statement: The Jr. & Sr. shows are not separately sanctioned.

1. This show is sanctioned by ADGA for the following breeds:

The show order will be in alphabetical order beginning with Alpines. And the order is subject to change to better ensure a timely flowing event, and to ensure judges make flights!  As the judge has given their reason, you maybe excused to get to the next ring, especially if exhibitor is showing multiple breeds. Judge can give reasons on the first five, if you would like to ask the judge after the show about your buck feel free.

2.  If you are able to please postmark and prepay by October 10th, it will help to ensure that all paperwork for the show is completed before show time, but there is no late penalty. The fee is $5.00 a ring, or if in all 6 rings $4.00 a head per ring.  If you are entering on-line, you may pay when you check in. You may enter up to an hour before the show, and if you have a unique circumstance, let us know.    Please make checks payable to SMDGA and mail to Donna Corkle  14120 Buttermilk Lane Carthage, MO.64836 .
If you have any questions please call Donna Corkle at 417-529-8103.      We are looking forward to seeing you!

3. Pen Fees $5.00 per pen for the weekend. Pen fees need to accompany entry. We have plenty of tack area under covered barns. And, you may trailor your animals.

4. The base date is October 14,2017.

5. The original registration certificate is required for all animals six months of age or older and this MUST be shown to the Show Secretary before the start of the show.

6. The original certificate or duplicate application stamped by the ADGA office is required for all animals under six months of age and this MUST be shown to the Show Secretary before the start of the show. Or, as ADGA allows.

7. No copies of the registration certificate or the stamped duplicate application, telegrams or phone calls will be accepted in lieu of the original certificate.

8. The show committee asks that no animals showing evidence of sickness, disease or contagious lesion be brought to the show. If the show committee sees an animal that causes concern, you may be asked to trailer the animal for the remainder of the show. Health papers are valid for up to 30 days from the date of issue.

10. Animals may arrive any time after noon on Friday October 13,2017.  

11. Judging will begin on October 14 Show 1 begins at 8:00 am, Show 2, 8:20 am, Show 3 8:40, On the 15th, show 4 begins at  8:00 am, - Show 5  at 8:20 am, Show 6 8:40.  Please, pay attention and be ready at ringside.  We understand, that this becomes more challenging with multiple breeds, but it does move quickly, and we always have extra handlers! There are NO ringside holding pens. And, ring stewards may be rookies.

12. This show is sanctioned by American Dairy Goat Association.  There are 3 Specialties: Oberhasli, Sable, and Nubian

13. Show whites are strongly recommended, but it is bucks in the Fall.

14. All animals must be properly collared and restrained, due to the time of year, we do not recommend washing or clipping bucks. Bucks can be brushed to clean, and must be dis-budded.

15. Exhibitors must furnish their own hay, feed and extra bedding. Bedding is wood chips only!

16. By submitting entries, exhibitors agree to the use of photographs of themselves, animals or others in their party for advertising promotional purposes.

17. The SMDGA show committee has the right to change or add to the show rules as needed.