SMDGA Dairy Goats

Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association

Buck Show

Strutt the Rutt

Blue Hoodie- 

S- XL  --$30.00

2X-3X __$33.00

Thank you to everyone for helping make this year a success, we will see you in 2019.

Breed Sponsors

Breed Sponsor
Want your farm info here.  Sponsor a breed.

Buck Show Sponsorship

If anyone would like to sponsor a breed, it will be $25.00 and you will receive a  SMDGA T-shirt. We will also hang flyers of your name and herd around the arena, as well as sharing your generosity over the speaker throughout the 6 rings! We will also post it on Facebook and our website. And, as always, we appreciate your ongoing support to Strut the Rutt!