SMDGA Dairy Goats

Southwest Missouri Dairy Goat Association

Doe Show schedule

Doe Show Schedule  June 15-16-17  Happy Father's Day

The animals will show : Alpine, LaMancha, Nigerian, Nubian, Oberhasli,Recorded Grade, Saanen, Sable, Toggenburg in all rings

The schedule of times and/or breed line up are subject to change! 

Karen Smith Ring 1 and Joseph Larson 2

 Jr Doe Show Friday Night at 6:00 PM both rings (show order TBD)

Sat. Morning Ring 1 Sr Show starts at 8:00 am with Alpines

                            Ring 2                    approx  8:30

(breaks if any will only be dertermined by the judges)

Ring 3 & 4 Junior Show  (schedule will be same as Friday)

Grace Toy Ring 3 and Jake Bradford Ring 4

To begin 5:00 pm Sat Night

Sun. Morning  Sr Show  same times as Sat.

Entry fee is  $5.00 per animal per ring. 

 Pen fees are $5.00 per pen, Please indicate on the entry form how many pens are needed .  

 Health Papers are required!